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Meet the Team

Dee-Dee's-Staff1The life and blood of Dee Dee’s is not the vast amount of drinks we supply or our delicious new breakfast menu. It’s the core staff who make your experience that little more special when you visit our humble establishment. Even though we have a lot of part-time staff that work during our busiest times, the core members are the ones who have been here from the very first day we opened our doors to you.

So get to know the team because they will make sure they get to know you when you visit us here at Dee Dee’s.


  • The Manager

    This is captain of the Dee Dee's ship and he keeps the crew together; working hard and playing hard too!

  • Shay Shay (Assistant Manager)

    The Voice of Dee Dee's, putting her amazing vocal talents aside Shay Shay is one of the many secret ingredients that makes Dee Dee's so special

  • Jo Jo

    An absolute charmer, Jo Jo brings a real spark to Dee Dee's. There's never a dull moment when she's behind the bar!

Now you’ve met the team why don’t you come on over see what all the fuss is about .