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Whiskies & Bourbons

  • Redbreast 12 YO

    Redbreast 12 YORegion: Ireland
    Colour: Amber
    Nose: Fresh, a little of linseed and, and fruit cake's dried fruit flavour.
    Taste: Fruit cake and ginger linger first come through, then brazil nuts and treacle. Then you get vanilla cream soda and a touch of spice on the tongue. The finish is like marsala wine, spicy and long.
    Alc/Abv: 40%

  • Jack Daniel's Green Label

    JD Green label Region: Tennesee, USA
    Colour: Light amber
    Nose: Less mature than its younger brother, old no. 7, the green label is still oily, with a dry spice and nutty But lighter with a bit of burn from the stronger version. Plus a touch of smoke.
    Taste: Light, smooth and soft with the nuttiness coming through. Vanilla, caramel and banana also come through with a creamy feel. The finish has the smoky, with cereal and stronger alcohol notes.
    Alc/Abv: 40%

  • Jack Daniel's Winter Jack Punch

    JD Winter Jack Punch Region: Tennessee
    Colour:  Bright gold
    Nose: Baked apples, cinnamon, dried fruits and light maple charcoal.
    Taste: Roasted apples with the spicy warmth of cinnamon. The finish is the sour sweet of apples. A real winter warmer perfect for the coming festive season.
    Alc/Abv: 15%

  • Jack Daniel's Sinatra

      Jack Daniel's Special Tribute Bottle for Frank Sinatra Region: Tennessee
    Colour: Rich Amber
    Nose: Smooth, charred and a bit of the signature charred tones.
    Taste:  There's a reason it's called Sinatra... Bold character and a pleasant smokiness. The finish is incredibly smooth with vanilla notes. Frank would be proud.
    Alc/Abv: 45%

  • Jack Daniel's Honey

    Jack Daniel's Honey Region: Tennessee
    Colour: Gold
    Nose: Caramel, the floral and herby aroma of Manuka honey, vanilla and cinnamon.
    Taste: Thick and creamy, smooth and warm. On the palate, you can taste the cinnamon, the honey and a touch of apricot. The finish is rounded and rich.
    Alc/Abv: 35%

  • Jack Daniel's Angelo Luchessi

    Jack Daniel's Angelo Luchessi Region: Tennessee
    Colour: Deep Amber
    Nose: Spicy Vanilla, oak, are very present, with a touch of cherry.
    Palate: You get a bit of spice and a little sourness but balanced with toffee and corn sweetness. A faint earthiness too. The finish has a hint of black cherries, medium length and slightly bitter.
    Alc/Abv: 45% (90 proof)

  • Jack Daniel's White Rabbit Saloon

    Jack Daniel's White Rabbit Saloon Region: Tennessee
    Colour: Gold
    Nose: Tobacco, ginger, spicy vanilla and caramel.
    Taste: Spicy, buttery with those vanilla and caramel notes coming through again. The finish is long, dry and has the flavour of oak, and mocha coffee.
    Alc/Abv: 43%

  • Jack Daniel's Rye

    Jack Daniel's Rye Region: Tennessee
    Colour: Crystal clear
    Nose: Sweet with notes of cherry, raspberry, banana and grain.
    Taste: Dry, grassy, with a bit of hay and spice. The finish is smooth and warm. The first Jack Daniel's to feature rye as the lead grain and only released in a limited supply.
    Alc/Abv: 40%

  • Jack Daniel's Single Barrel

    JD Single Barrel Region: Tennessee, USA
    Colour:  Amber
    Nose: Good body, with cereal sweetness, grain and the warmth of toasty oak. Smoke, spice and toffee round it off.
    Taste: Full, cereal-sweet, cigar notes with rye and spice. The finish is long with a hint of citrus and aniseed.
    Alc/Abv: 45%

  • Gentleman Jack

    Gentleman Jack Region: Tennessee
    Colour: Dark Amber
    Nose:  Toasty, oaken smoked to give it that signature JD stamp. After that you get a waft of old leather, honey, and walnuts.
    Taste: Tobacco, coffee and and raisins come through. The finish is smoky with a little sherry sweetness and bitterness of almond.
    Alc/Abv: 40%

  • Jack Daniel's Old No. 7

    Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Region: Tennesee
    Colour: Amber
    Nose: Oily, with a dry spice and nutty but light and sweet with no burn. There's also a touch of smoke.
    Taste: Smooth and soft with the nuttiness tangible. Vanilla, caramel and banana also come through with a creamy feel. The finish has the smoky touch with a cereal added.
    Alc/Abv: 40%

  • Glenfiddich 125th Anniversary Edition

    Glenfiddich 125th An. Ed. Region: Speyside
    Colour: Mid Gold
    Nose: First you get the smoke and medicinal notes, then toffee and citrus tangs.
    Taste: Deep oaky flavour with a little sweetness and complex smoky tones. A worthy drink to mark Glenfiddich's 125th anniversary.
    Alc/Abv: 43%

  • Glenfiddich 12 YO

    Glenfiddich 12 YO Region: Speyside
    Colour: Golden
    Nose: Touch of grain, minerals, and fresh with a hint of pear and other orchard fruit. A little honey lingers on the nose.
    Taste: Sweet, floral, with creamy butterscotch notes. A touch of floral hints too. The finish has oaky notes and is malty, long and mellow.
    Alc/Abv: 40%

  • The Claymore

    The Claymore Region: Scotland
    Colour: Amber
    Nose: Deep scents of violet scented fruit and little bit of dry spice.
    Taste: Crisp and clean with no one aroma standing out.
    Alc/Abv: 40%

  • Jura 10 YO

    Jura 10 YO Region: Isle of Jura
    Colour: Dark Gold
    Nose:  Soft, with damp hay and malt. Peaty smokiness, cereal and oak come through.
    Taste:  Creamy and thick with more cereal notes coming in. Fudge and barley, plus a little aniseed also develops. The finish is long with a bit of winter spice.
    Alc/Abv:  40%  

  • Talisker 10 YO

    Talisker 10 YO Region: Carbost, Scotland
    Colour:  Gold
    Nose: Peaty smoke, sea water salt, and citrus.
    Taste: A whole lot of dried fruits, smoke and malt make this whisky rich in flavour. It's warm and spicy flavour carry through to the long and slightly sweet finish.
    Alc/Abv: 45.8%

  • Paul John Brilliance

    Paul John Brilliance Region: India
    Colour: Amber
    Nose: Cereal, toast, buttery and a hint of cinnamon.
    Taste: Cinnamon, chocolate and toffee with a hint of citrus. The finish is honeyed and slightly spiced.
    Alc/Abv: 46%

  • Bunnahabhain 12 YO

    Bunnahabhain 12 YO Region: Islay, Scotland
    Colour: Light Gold
    Nose: This whisky has all the great characteristics of its origins, the Islay malt is fresh and sweet with notes of seaweed and malt.
    Taste: Soft with sherry notes and nutty flavours. Sweet and malty flavours come through a touch of juicy sultanas. The finish has a touch of chocolate and coffee with a touch of the coast.
    Alc/Abv: 46.3%

  • Bunnahabhain Darach Ur Batch #8

    Bunnahabhain Darach Ur #8 Region: Islay, Scotland
    Colour: Gold
    Nose: Toffee, chocolate with hints of sweet sherry from the american oak barrels and hints smoke. Spicy, with a hints of cloves, pine and nutmeg.
    Taste:  Creamy with sweet sherry notes with raisins and dried fruit coming through. Toffee and vanilla filled with citrus fruits and cinnamon to round it off. The finish is long with ginger, and toasted cereals.
    Alc/Abv:  46.3%

  • Highland Park 21 YO

    Highland Park 21 YO Region: Orkney
    Colour: Golden Amber
    Nose: Seaweed and linseed oil make an appearance. Also chocolate and sweet sherry.
    Taste: A little smoke with aniseed, muscovado sugar, sweet orange oils with a buttery palate. The finish is smokey, with hints of hazelnuts and spicy raisins.
    Alc/Abv: 47.5%  

  • HIghland Park 12 YO

    Highland Park 12 YO Region: Orkney
    Colour:  Gold
    Nose: Fresh and aromatic. Notes of creamy Manuka honey, floral hints and citrus.
    Taste Full with notes of Oranges. Notes of green tea, with jasmine and a little spiced sweetness. The finish is long with a touch of wood shavings.
    Alc/Abv: 40%

  • Blanton's Gold Ed.

    Blantons Gold Edition Region: Kentucky, USA
    Colour: Dark Amber
    Nose: Oaky and dry with plenty of fruit. Floral notes come over with a hint of spice.
    Taste: Complex with chewy oak. Deep spices, dark fruits, rich and spiced. The finish is long and dry with a touch of toffee. Very strong.
    Alc/Abv: 51.5%

  • Ballentine's 12 YO

    Ballentine's 12YO Region:  Scotland
    Colour: Amber
    Nose: The aroma fruit salad and sherry, mixed nuts waft through.
    Taste: Ballentine's is creamy. Mochaccino, buttery pastry, and spice come through. The finish is gentle, spicy with a touch of fruitcake.
    Alc/Abv: 40%

  • Old St. Andrews - Clubhouse

    Old St. Andrews Clubhouse Region: Fife
    Colour:  Amber
    Nose: Sweet on the nose.Cereals, caramel and dried fruits
    Taste: The sweet smells are joined by distinct woody spices and some honey on the tongue. The finish is decent length and is sweet and quite sugary, yet still refreshing.
    Alc/Abv: 40%

  • Cardhu 12 YO

    Cardhu 12YO Region: Speyside, Scotland
    Colour: Gold
    Nose: Smokey with hints of Orchard fruits.
    Taste: Smooth, rounded, with soft peat. The finish is long, dry and smokey.
    Abv/Alc: 40%

  • Bulleit

    Bulleit Bourbon Region: Kentucky, USA
    Colour:  Russet
    Nose: Oaky, sweet and slightly spicy on the nose. Vanilla, Caramel and floral.
    Taste: Dry and mellow. Hints of vanilla, and honey-sweetness. The finish is lingering with the spice of chilli, or perhaps pepper.
    Abv/Alc: 40%

  • Bulleit '95' Rye

    Bulleit 95 Rye Region: Kentucky, USA
    Colour: Dark Amber
    Nose: Honey with the spice of rye and oranges.
    Taste: Vibrant and loaded with spice. Fruity and maple syrup sweet. Dry with oak tones. Long spicy finish.
    Abv/Alc: 45%

  • Bulleit 10 YO

    Bulleit Bourbon 10 YO Region: Kentucky, USA
    Colour: Medium Amber
    Nose: Dry and oaky with peppery spice. Cherry candy and orange maple syrup. Vanilla and cloves. Banana and mild floral hints.
    Palate: Caramel, fragrant and sweet orange first and then cinnamon and cloves. The finish is of cinnamon and vanilla and earthy tones.
    Abv/Alc: 45%

  • Whyte & Mackay 13 YO

    Whyte & Mackay 13 YO Region: Glasgow
    Colour: Deep Gold
    Nose: Rich and well-balanced. Notes of oak and resin come through with a touch of citrus peel and Oloroso sherry.
    Taste: Complex spices and nutty with a hint of honey. A medium length fruitcake finish.
    Abv/Alc: 40%

  • Johnnie Walker Platinum 18 YO

    Johnnie Walker Platinum Region: Scotland
    Colour: Dark Amber
    Nose: Rich spiced notes. Plum, stewed rhubarb, creamy vanilla and fragrant almonds. Fine smokey touch with cherries and caramel.
    Taste: Elegant Speyside style. Sweet and warm, with creamy malty goodness. Cereal and oaty hints. Vanilla and a little cinnamon are carried along with the gentle smokiness. The finish is of dark chocolate and lingering smoky notes.
    Abv/Alc:  40%

  • Johnnie Walker Explorer's Club

    Johnnie Walker Explorer's Club Region: Scotland
    Colour: Dark Amber
    Nose: Medium sweet. Soft citrus and light smoky spice. The scent of vanilla comes through with the aroma of Jamaican ginger cake. Fresh and subtle
    Taste: Sweet and grainy. Fruity sweetness with hints of tropical fruits. Vanilla comes through again with caramel. Medium length finish and lightly smoky.
    Abv/Alc: 40%

  • Laphroaig 10 YO

    Laphroaig 10 YO Region: Isle of Islay
    Colour: Full Gold
    Nose: Big smoky peaty notes open the dram. Spicy with hints of salty licorice. A little sweetness peaks through and iodine.
    Taste: Seaweed, hints of vanilla creamy-ness and touch of TCP. The oaky peat is big and bold and then black pepper, cardamom and chilli. Big dry finish with tar notes. Try with a drop or two of water to open the flavour.
    Abv/Alc: 40%

  • Glen Moray

    Glen Moray Classic Region: Speyside
    Colour: Gold
    Nose: Light and fresh with a nutty and floral aroma. The smell of dried grass is very present along with the slight touch of fruit.
    Taste: Oaky and gentle. Walnut, citrus and grist.The finish is of tangy citrus and spicy fruitcake.
    Abv/Alc:  40%

  • Johnnie Walker Green Label 15 YO

    Johnnie Walker Green Label Region: Scotland
    Colour:  Amber
    Nose: Bitter chocolate and espresso aromas fill your nose. With a touch of oak and woody smoke.
    Taste: Medium-body whisky with coffee tones and chocolate. A note of dates, walnuts and cereal come through. The finish is long, spicy with sherry, and a little smoke.
    Abv/Alc: 43%

  • Johnnie Walker Double Black

    Johnnie Walker Double Black Region: Scotland
    Colour: Deep Amber
    Nose: Flint with a hint of orange blossom. Linseed oil and honey creep in. Hints of citrus, malt and even barbecue smokiness.
    Taste: Creamy and malty. Peaty smoke and balanced sweetness, with hints of salt, and cereal. The finish is long, and combines spice, oak and smoke.
    Abv/Alc: 40%

  • McAfee Benchmark No. 8 Straight Bourbon

    McAfee's Benchmark No.8 Straight Region: Kentucky, USA
    Colour:Medium Amber
    Nose: Aromas of caramel, apples, cherries with a hint of cigar. A touch of mint and whispers of Vanilla.
    Taste: Medium bodied and robust and fine leather notes mingle with tobacco, oak and a hint of dried cherries.
    Abv/Alc: 40%

  • Glenmorangie 10 YO

    Glenmorangie Region: Highlands, Scotland
    Colour: Gold
    Nose: The aroma of Manderin, Lemon, apple, pear and peach trees. Add the scent of Vanilla ice cream and then the floral scents of geranium and mint.
    Taste: Creamy vanilla, peaches and cream, mandarins and lemons. Fennel, nutmeg, crumbly almond and coconut and a honeysuckle caress.
    Abv/Alc: 40%  

  • Jameson Irish Whisky

    Jameson Region: Cork, Ireland
    Colour:  Rich, deep amber
    Nose: Mellow whisky with toasted wood and sherry undertones.
    Taste: Smooth and sweet with woody and nutty tones. The finish is smooth.
    Abv/Alc: 40%

  • Macallan 10 YO

    Macallan 10 YO Region: Speyside, Scotland
    Colour: Pale Gold
    Nose: Sweet hint of toffee balanced with notes of rubbed petals and apple blossom. You get the scent of dried fruits, barley sugars and vanilla.
    Taste: Smooth with dried fruit. Medium body and well rounded. Notes of walnut, salty melted butter, creme anglais.
    Abv/Alc: 40%

  • Still Waters Canadian Whisky

    Still Waters Canadian Whisky Region: Canada
    Colour: Amber
    Nose: Begins dry before mineral notes start to push through. Rye, hints of grain and linseed oil creep in. Then pansies, sweetness and hints of toffee waft in and citrus fruit gives the last kiss.
    Taste: Pepper comes in first. Oak tannins and sweet caramel come in. Citrus  joins in with an oaky aromas. The medium body whisky has a nutty finale with hints of grapefruit and spicy pepper hints.
    Abv/Alc: 40%

  • L&G Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon

    Woodford Reserve Region: Kentucky, USA
    Colour: Medium Amber
    Nose: Thick and creamy nose. Honey & spice make an appearance, leather, cocoa, a little bit of smoke, oak and vanilla cream with a touch of butterscotch.
    Taste: Thick and full taste. Espresso beans, winter spice, cereal sweet, rye, ginger, almond oil, toasty oak and even a touch of rum. The finish is long.
    Abv/Alc: 43%

  • Hakushu 12 YO

    Region:Hakushu 12 YO  Region: Japan
    Colour: Gold
    Nose: Light and crisp . A touch of green fruit and nut oil.
    Taste: Pure & clean. Sweet lime comes in along with green fruits. Smokiness and buttery sweet notes develops. The finish features lemon, spice and honey sweetness.
    Abv/Alc: 43%

  • Nikka Taketsuru 12 YO

    Nikka Taketsuru 12 YO Region: Japan
    Colour: Amber
    Nose: Floral with notes of plum. Herbal scents flourish, rhubarb, Vanilla ice cream and coffee add a lovely sweet aroma.
    Taste: Sweet with hints of apple cider, cinnamon, buttery toffee, nut oils, and custard. The finish is creamy with the taste of a nice rhubarb crumble.
    Abv/Alc: 40%

  • Mackmyra 1st Edition

    Mackmyra 1st Ed. Region: Sweden
    Colour  Light Golden
    Nose Malty, lightly smoky, vanilla, orchard fruits and citrus. A little spice, oaken smokiness and toffee fill your nose.
    Taste Lightly smoked malt, pear and dried apricots with honey and sweet almond. The finish is spiced and apples.The taste of Sweden.
    Alc/Vol 46.10%

  • Singleton of Dufftown 12 YO

    Singleton of Dufftown 12 YO Region: Speyside
    Deep Gold
    Nose: Woody aroma with toasted hazelnut lead the way and then baked apples and dried dates come in with brown sugar. After this, anise follows on. As a speyside whisky, the aroma of citrus fruits and pear come in. Wood shavings and hay then slowly creep in.
    Taste: It begins with a sweet & nutty taste, then becomes smooth and fruity. Hints of blackcurrant, brown sugar and espresso coffee. The finish is medium, dry, sweet and nutty.
    Alc/Abv: 40%

  • Maker's Mark

    Maker's Mark Region: Kentucky
    Colour:  Dark golden amber
    Nose: Vanilla spice and notes of caramel. Oaky aromas and a hint of leather.
    Taste: Sweet, smooth flavour with hints of caramel and malt. Nut oils and chewable toffee notes. Oak adds bitterness and toffee give the sweet edge.
    Abv/Alc: 45%

  • Lagavulin 16 YO

    Lagavulin 16 YO Region: Isle of Islay, Scotland
    Colour: Deep Amber
    Nose: Lapsang Soochong tea is prominent, peaty, pipe tobacco, and sea freshness. It smells lightly of cereal and sweet. Iodine, sweet spices, sherry and creamy vanilla shine through.
    Taste:  Sweet sherry, grassy and oily. Malt and fruity sweetness. Peat & oak come in. The finish is long, spicy with figs, dates peat and vanilla sweetness.
    Abv/Alc: 43%

  • Hibiki 12 YO

    Hibiki 12 YO Region: Japan
    Colour: Shiny Amber
    Nose: Oranges, apple pie, marmalade and plums come in. Pineapple, honeysuckle, and nougat add sweetness. Marzipan, raspberry, honey aromas also fill the glass.
    Taste: Soft, mellow smooth flavour. Spices, apple and grain. Oak tannins and malt pop up. Cloves, pepper and mixed peel appear in sherry flavour to finish.
    Abv/Alc: 43%

  • Glen Garioch 1797 Founders Reserve

    Glen Garioch 1797 FR Region: Highland, Scotland
    Colour: Amber
    Nose: Vanilla, Butterscotch, and white chocolate aromas. A touch of spice underlying with the fruity air of grapefruit and green apples.
    Taste: Dry with cereal and barley notes, Hints of buttercream and vanilla come through. Green apples and citrus give this whisky a refreshing palate. The finish is grainy, a little peaty and warming.
    Abv/Alc:  48%

  • Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 YO

    Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 YO Region: Scotland
    Colour: Amber
    Nose: Rich aromas of maple syrup, winter spice and treacle and mustard.
    Taste: Smoky dryness, spicy heat and creamy vanilla. Notes of toffee and herbs. The finish is rounded with raisiny sherry. A nice mellow whisky.
    Abv/Alc: 40%

  • AnCnoc

    AnCnocRegion Highland, Scotland
    Colour:Light golden
    Nose: Sweet and spicy with honey and butterscotch closely followed by oranges and lemons. Rich vanilla is punctuated by green apples. Subtle hints of leather and chocolate float in the background. Complex and satisfying.
    Taste: Honey, vanilla cheesecake and caramel sweetness are followed by bright notes of pear drops, freshly squeezed lemons and coconut. The finish is long and sweet with hints of toffee and spices.
    Alc/Abv: 46%

  • Auchentoshan Three Wood

    Auchentoshan Three WoodRegion: Lowland, Scotland
    Colour: Rich golden bronze.
    Nose: Blackcurrant, brown sugar, orange, plum and raisin.
    Taste: Fruit and syrup. Hazelnut with hints of cinnamon and lemon. A butterscotch sweetness adds to the overall complexity. The finish is fresh and fruity with long lasting oaky sweetness.
    Abv/Alc: 43%

  • Balblair 2001

    Balblair 2001 Region: Highland, Scotland
    Colour:  Sparkling Gold
    Nose: Floral and fragrant notes with the aromas of fresh fruits such as oranges, apples and lemons. The American oak, ex bourbon casks, used in maturation impart distinctive toffee and vanilla notes. Also aromas of hints of Sweet honey and leather can been found.
    Taste: sweet and spicy; fresh fruits dominate and combine with toffee to create a balanced flavour and a long lasting finish.
    Abv/Alc: 46%

  • Bell's

    Bell's Blended Scotch Whisky Region: Scotland
    Colour: Golden
    Nose: Sweet, grassy, distinct cereal grain. After come the aromas of caramel, sweet brown sugar, dried fruits and some peat
    Taste: The taste of cereal husks and oatmeal, with dried grasses and hay come through to begin with. The flavours of caramel, toffee, nuts, dried nuts and soft smoke come through before a dry and woody finish.
    Abv/Alc:  40%

  • Benromach 10 YO

    Benromach 10YO Region: Speyside
    Colour: Dark Amber
    Nose: Dry, barley, big on malt and oak. Dry pine, fruity. A tad spirity. Sweet spices and a hint of prune from the maple fudge and sherry cask.
    Taste: Barley, slightly herbal, a little fruit, grassy. Malty with hints of ground ginger. The finish is bittersweet - ginger, dry sherry.
    Abv/Alc: 43%

  • Bowmore 12 YO

    Bowmore 12 Year Old Region: Islay, Scotland
    Colour: Dark Amber
    Nose: Very floral, peaty and smokey hints of heather. Ash, hay, coastal and zesty orange.
    Taste: Lovely and rounded, perfumed smoke, coastal element develops. Dark peat. Blossom, oily sweetness. The finish is smoky, long - sea spray, dry grass and citrus.
    Abv/Alc: 40%

  • Bootlegger

    Bootlegger Region: UK
    Colour: White Grain Spirit
    Nose: Creamy, sweet aromas of vanilla and allspice. Hints of sultanas and clotted cream.
    Taste: Very Creamy and fresh-tasting palate with cereal sweetness and vanilla to the fore. A hint of Acacia honey. The finish is of fresh flowers and vanilla cream with a hint of toffee.
    Abv/Alc: 40%

  • Bruichladdich 15 YO

    Bruichladdich 15 YORegion: Islay, Scotland
    Colour: Dark Amber
    Nose: Greek honey, with floral notes and then sea spray.
    Taste: Honeyed and smooth with notes of rose water and orange liqueur. A sweet and salty finish with a hint of orange oils. English folk pronounce it, "brook-laddie"
    Abv/Alc: 46%

  • Chivas Regal 12 YO

    Chivas Regal 12 YORegion: Speyside, Scotland.
    Colour: Medium Gold
    Nose: Toffee along with dried apricot, cherries and raisins. Hints of marmalade. Oaken spice adds strength to the whiskey.
    Taste: Gentle taste with developing green notes and malty hints. Full, rounded and fruity notes with a hint of nut oil, and vanilla. A medium finish with a touch of honey and fruit.
    Abv/Alc: 40%

  • Bushmills 10 YO

    Bushmills 10 YO Region: County Antrim, Ireland
    Colour: Gold
    Nose: Fresh fruit and roses start you off. Licorice, pear, peach, grape & banana follow on swiftly. Honey and smoke then close the show.
    Taste: The fresh fruit win the show here. Pears kicks in and then honey walks on in to give way peppercorn and chocolate. The finish is pear and spice hand in hand with a touch of smoke and honey to end.
    Abv/Alc: 40%

  • Dalmore 15 YO

    Dalmore 15 YO Region: Highland, Scotland
    Colour: Dark Gold
    Nose: Warm Chocolate aromas with Orange come through. Fragrant floral and herbal hints, dried fruit and sherry waft through the whisky.
    Taste: Orange, chocolate, winter spices and ginger. Hints of hickory and licorice tantalise the tongue. The finish is medium with malt and smoky coffee beans.
    Abv/Alc: 40%

  • Canadian Club

    Canadian ClubRegion: Canada
    Colour: Pale Amber
    Nose: The aroma of spice, apple and vanilla. Touches of aniseed and barley and notes of fennel, grass and straw come through.
    Taste: Sweet and gentle, smooth with a hint of winter spice. Rye, rye malt and barley come through the medium sweet, medium length whisky.
    Abv/Alc: 40%

  • Aberlour A'Bunadh Batch 44

    Aberlour A'Bunadh Batch 44Region: Highland, Scotland
    Colour: Deep dark Amber
    Nose: Sherry fills your nose first - dry fruits, sweet and spicy aromas. Toffee and maple give your taste buds a warm embrace.
    Taste: Huge sherry notes, maple syrup and caramel with chocolate and fruit compote.
    Abv/Alc: 59.7%

  • Yamazaki 12 YO

    Yamazaki 12YORegion: Japan. Colour: Amber
    Nose: Good body with plenty of nut oils and zest. It has a pleasant floral character with a note of exotic fruits. Also nice and rooty.
    Taste: Smooth and soft with slight sweet and winter spice. More exotic fruit notes and a touch of rum develops along with a citrus note.

  • Balvenie 12 YO DoubleWood

    Balvenie 12YO DoubleWood Region: Speyside
    Colour: Old Gold
    Nose: Sweet fruit and Oloroso sherry notes, layered with honey and vanilla
    Taste: Smooth and mellow with beautifully combined flavours ~ nutty sweetness, cinnamon spiciness and a delicately proportioned layer of sherry. With a dry, spicy, and beautifully warming finish.
    Alc/Vol: 40%

  • Aberfeldy 12 YO Whisky

    Aberfeldy 12 YO DoubleWood Region: Highland, Scotland
    Colour: Full, golden yellow.
    Nose: Almost incense-like, heather honey with a fruity softness, notes of pineapple, toast and cereal.  Syrupy, lingering on the tongue like a liqueur.
    Taste: Full bodied. Full flavour, the perfume characteristics become more spicy, with a bitter hint of Seville oranges in a decidedly dry finish.
    Ab/Alc: 40%

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